Sunday, April 23, 2006


This weekend is soooo beautiful. It's amazing how Spring in Oregon can go from sweaters and scarves to shorts and tshirts in the space of a week. The nice weather always makes me wake up earlier, too (which isn't really saying much for me). I spent yesterday morning on the porch, with the ever-present cup of joe, doing homework on my sweet lil' rappu toppu. I got a slew of homework done before mr.pants even woke up. Rad.

I felt so accomplished, that we went to robotprincess' house for an impromptu bbq, where we watched the 2 yr old guest play with the pink razor phone. Then we scampered off to the Buckman Elementary "art & sell" show, which was surprisingly good. 30% of the sales went to the school, and it was all local (adult) artists. There was the requisite pottery and scarves, but some nice photography, paintings and multi-media pieces. mr.pants got amped on a nice photo piece, which I also liked. We also found a really sweet print/painting of the steel bridge done by an Iragi refugee here in ptown. I also found this woman who uses local maps to etch and paint. She does really interesting jewelry and multimedia pieces that I adore. We ended up buying the photo piece and the steel bridge piece and I got to get one of her necklaces (although not the really beautiful one that cost way too much for me to consider.).

Today, I'm just about to get the cup o' joe (I added orange zest this morning. we'll see how that turns out!) and dig in on the art homework. When mr.pants wakes up, we'll get crackin on exorcising our over-abundant lawn. I'm all prepped with my 3 tons of allergy medicine. Then hopefully we'll get to see the kids tonight for a bit.

weekends are too short.

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Sarah said...

Weekends are too short. Mine starts today.