Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The 100 Things List

GOAL DATE: May 17th, 2011 (My 36th bday!)

My list of things for the 101 things project, featured on this site. I was looking through some of the lists posted on the master list, and was inspired by the folks who categorized their lists into sections. Categories are almost as good as lists, and combined together they are a superpower not to be equaled.

I've spent a couple days coming up with the list. Some of these items I will happily and easily accomplish. Others will be very difficult for me. I have until my 36th birthday to do them. Here we go!

1.Spend Christmas with the family in London.
2.Do the train tour in Copper Canyon, Mexico.
(EDIT) Did a train trip in Germany instead (summer 2010)
3.Go outside the US in the summer of 2009 (Japan!).
4.Take a Brian/Crystal-only holiday once a year.
5.Visit Chris & Becky in Santa Cruz before they move.(EDIT: failed)
6.Go to NYC.
7.Make sure that six months don't pass before visiting the beach.
8.Have fun while in DC.

9.Acquire Mario Cart.
10. Acquire Mario Galaxy.
11. Host a game night every other month.
12. Go participate/enjoy an art event every other month (First Thursday, etc.)
13. Go to Iron Artist.
14. Smoke something in the smoker.
15.Take a vineyard tour.
16.Go to the Aquarium in Newport.
17.See a play (not at the high school).
18.Hang out with Bianca more.
19.See Natalie's kids.
20.Go bowling.
21.Go play miniature golf.
22.Participate in a neighborhood activity.
23.Take a cooking/baking class of some kind.
24.Take another painting class.
(EDIT) Took a photo class instead.
25.Initiate a science picnic at Trojan.
26.Host a knitting night again.
27.Host a cocktail party.
28.Host a murder mystery party.
29.Go to a trivia night somewhere fun with TheKidsWeLike(tm).
30.Do something the boy wants to do at least once per month.

31.Take a yoga class during Fall 2008, during which I only miss ONE session. (EDIT: Fail)
32.Take one physical activity class each term.
33.Lose enough weight to make my back stop aching.
(EDIT: Back stopped hurting! But, didn't lose weight.)
34.Actually eat both breakfast and lunch on school days.
35.Acquire WiiFit and use it 2-3 times a week.
36.Only purchase coffee once per week or less.

37. Actually get Christmas cards off to everyone in a timely manner one year.
38.Change cat boxes every other day.
39.Don't let two days go by without cleaning kitchen mayhem.
40. Do laundry once per week.
41.Immediately put laundry away. (EDIT: getting better)
42.Vacuum and sweep once per week or more. (EDIT: Roomba!)
43. Mop. Sometimes.

44.Participate in car pool.
45.Re-use ziploc bags, by creating a re-use system that doesn't make me crazy.
46.Eat more local produce.
47.Drive less.
48.Stop using plastic grocery store bags (ie: buy a cloth one, if I've forgotten them).

49.Save up enough to have three months worth of bills in reserve.
50.Save up some travel money. (EDIT: but used it on travel!)
51.Pay one extra payment on the smaller school loans per term.
52.See an accountant to get tax chaos organized.
53.Only eat out twice per week (this counts Friday happy hour as one).

54.Replace siding on house.
55.Finish painting kitchen chairs.
56.Paint kitchen table.
57.Paint all hallway doors.
58.Paint behind fridge.
59.Put up picture molding in living room. (EDIT: changed our minds on this)
60.Paint trim in studio.
(EDIT) Switched and painted whole room + trim instead.
61.Organize studio (and clean).
62.Swap faucet in hallway bathroom.
63.Get someone to install tube skylight in hallway bathroom.
64.Determine whether window in bedroom bathroom in feasible.
65.Get new window installed in living room. (EDIT: got 1 quote so far)
66.Replace stupid patio door with something that works. (EDIT: fixed!)
67.Fix paint job in bedroom (repaint or just do ceiling).
68.Organize trash and recycle bins in a unobtrusive and user-friendly manner.

69.Buy & install soaker hoses for front yard.
70.Set up rain barrels.
71.Finish south front yard.
72.Trim both trees more.
73.Move rhubarb to new home.
74.Plant and keep artichoke living.
75.Get rid of weeds in north space.
76.Plant hostas and other shady plants in north space.
77.Create path in north space (for meter-reader guy).
78.Make back deck usable.
79.Use compost from backyard.
80.Get hose pots for front and side yard.
Set up drip system.
put up side fence.

81.Set up ceramics area in garage.
82.Use ceramics gear.
83.Teach one other person to use the ceramics wheel.
84.Use at least three of the waiting canvases in the studio.
85.Create 3 window paintings (for myself or friends).
86.Print homemade cards for birthdays and holidays.
87.Finish knitting two baby blankets.
88.Knit a pair of socks.
89. Finish knitting Kenna's scarf.
(EDIT) passed off that scarf to R&K. Made whole other scarf for her birthday.
90.Knit a blanket for myself. (EDIT: started)
91.Knit a sweater.
92.Make a birdbath.

93.Finish all required classes by end of summer 2009.
94.Organize certification paperwork.
95.Get at least one course organized to the point where I could have all lesson plans, paperwork, etc. ready for the next term without massive reworking or editing.
96.Make sure the kids are taking care of yearbook deadline, not me.
97.Effectively manage clean-up in art room.
98.Get tshirts for yearbook kids.
99.Help other teachers, but say no to at least one request per term.
100. Have fun at school.

Before I leave off, here's a quote I found a while back, which I found highly amusing:

"Anything invented before you were 18 has been there forever, anything that turns up before you're 30 is new and exciting, and anything after that is a threat to the world and must be destroyed." ~ Jim Griffin (


kungfuramone said...

Needless to say, I am delighted w/ number 5!

Beetlegirl said...

Me too me too! Hmmm...Maker Faire is in the Spring.....

Ms. Angie said...

Good list. Now I feel like making one!

ninjahq said...

omg. I am blown away by your level of inspiration. That is an incredible list. As a whole, it is absolutely intimidating, yet each item is bite-sized and accomplishable. Good for you for having so many goals, I admire it.

Natalie said...

Can you see Natalie when you accomplish #19???
I have total faith that you will check these off one by one. You have totally inspired me!
I like #99... Very healthy.

Bianca said...

I love lists and I love this idea! I am totally on board with helping out with many of the above items but also love that you have plenty of personal accomplishments (both large and small) included as well. I can't wait to start working on mine!