Friday, April 21, 2006

Week One: results

So, the first week of my illustrious middle school experience is finished, along with classes. I've discovered several things:
a) I love my Art Methods professor.
b) I enjoy my cohort leader/professors. They are a tad bit disorganized with due dates and some other items... but, seriously. We're grad students. We should be able to handle a little bit of amibiguity.
c) I enjoy the enthusiasm with which my cooperative teacher throws herself into things. Kind of a body-slam of enthusiasm. It's fun.
d) I have officially found the people in my cohort who make me insane. NegativeGirl and the DramaQueen are conspiring to make me roll my eyes a lot. We'll see how the cohort "overnight retreat" goes. I'm sure there's a yeti of some kind on Mt. Hood that would volunteer to eat them.
e) I found a 5 hr parking spot on the street near my classroom. Love it. I hate parking structures with their creepy corners that smell of urine.
f) still... middle schoolers are squirrely.

Also, for your edification... I like lists.

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K Schimmy said...

NegativeGirl and DramaQueen were both boys in my cohort... interesting. Wow, we never went on an overnight retreat! Da bomb!