Sunday, June 04, 2006

Another Weekend Finished

So, Sunday rolls to a close. I'm a little disapointed. I just feel like I have so much more I wanted to do this weekend. I suppose that's always the way. I did finish up knitting a camera cozy. It turned out super cute. I'll post pictures when it's not as close to my bedtime.

The end of last week was pretty good. We finished up my all-day Friday classes, and the other student presentations. I mostly got to sit back, enjoy my A on my final and watch the French kids pretend to be waiters fighting about Romantacism vs. Impressionism in French, loudly, and rapidly. Then we closed up class with glasses of champagne and toasts. Nice. I wrapped up a little typing and throwing of a paper in a prof's mailbox, and then joined some of our kids for some beers. There was a lot of discussion of having monthly cohort parties this summer, and passing around of cell phone pictures of pets.

good kids. I'm glad I ended up where I did, and with whom I did. (oiy, I never said I wanted to teach English, ok!). I have just a couple more art classes, and then the term will be over. I have the middle school until June 16th (I think). Then a week of NOTHING. very exciting. Maybe I"ll sand and refinish my dresser. Or maybe I won't.

time will tell.

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