Monday, June 19, 2006

Big Weekend

So, we got back from the greater Eugene-metro area last night. We spent Friday night and Saturday with Chris and Becky, celebrating their domination of the master's programs in history and english (respectively) at UofO. We got to see their graduation ceremonies, highlights include the head of the history department comparing being hooded to "a medieval mugging" and the head of the english department reading some chaucer in middle english. Good stuff. The kids both have non-functional, purely decorative hoods to wear when they feel the need to slay any scholastic evil. We also met the rest of their family, who are all very nice.

After the Sat bbq at their place, we set out for Elmira to see mrpant's dad for father's day. Uneventful, except for THE POLLEN THAT TRIED TO KILL ME. Man, I feel like I was taking showers ever 3 hours to wash away all the polleny-ness and be able to breathe again. I could tell that the pollen count was higher in Eugene, but out in the country surrounded by freshly cut grass and fields, I literally thought I might die. At one point I just went and sat down in the shower for about 45 min, defeated. It was terrible.

I'm home now, and still feel a little sniffly and itchy... but it's not half as bad. Also, my kitties are all snuggly and cute. Which makes everything better. Speaking of kitties, last night Kiwi decided to step on the speakerphone button and try to make a long distance call. We were woken up around 5:30am by the operator on speaker saying, "I'm sorry, but the call cannot be placed as dialed." repeatedly. I wonder if she has some creepy internet boyfriend that we need to worry about. I mean, she doesn't have any opposable thumbs for typing.... but you never know.

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