Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Lovely Day

Today's weather is much more reasonable. I didn't ever think I was going to die and only got a bit sweaty on the walk home. Much better! Also, my mumsie has safely cleared her surgery today and was able to chat with me about how the anethesia wearing off reminded her of being in college and having the bed spins. silly mom. I'll be off to visit her on Friday. I really did feel terrible about not being at her side when she woke up, but the four week accelerated courses mean that I would have missed the equivelent of a 1/4 of the term if I had skipped. Call me a horrid daughter, but she did reassure me that it was a minor surgery and all was well planned, and she felt good about everything. All's well that end's well, yes?

Oh, the other exciting thing! almost all of my blogmates have actually posted within the last day or so. Good job, guys! Keep it up.

I've met all my instructor's for the term as of today. I could live without one of them. He does that thing that the people do... "Now I don't mean to sound negative but..." in many a story. His stories aren't super interesting either. Except for the one about when he worked in a manufactoring plant and the HR lady wanted to tell the workers (mostly the local bike gangs in their off hours) that they couldn't use certain words, and had to respond to insults by asking each other to speak "nicely." That's pretty funny.

All is well, otherwise. I'm about to have some wine and get crackin on the mountain of reading I have to do.

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Kungfukitten said...

It might have been a good thing not being there for your mom's surgery. I insisted on going to my mother's hysterectomy and ended up spending all my time in the hallway with the nurses trying to stop me from crying. She was in so much pain when she woke up, it nearly killed me. I nearly throttled her doctor because she bent her arm and the IV tube made an alarm go off. Visiting later is the way to go, especially if you're melodramatic like me!