Sunday, June 25, 2006

summer, it's itchy

So, yesterday started the summer weather. I really, really don't like being hot. I'm not sure why this is. For a while, I went with the "I grew up on the cold washington coast" theory. But, sarah loves the hot. she's from the same damn town. ??? Perhaps it has to do with the fact that I hate to sweat, and burn like nobody's business. Brian got this crazy UV monitor thing from Oregon Scientific, and we went and took a sunshine sample, entered my skin type and it told us that I have a whole 11 minutes in the sun before I get burned to a crisp. 11 minutes! Technology can be weird.

anyhow. I hate the hot.

On a happier note, we hung out with numerous fun kids yesterday. met the ransom and rebecca and katie trifecta for a brunch at beaterville's. funny place with lots of car parts hung on walls and made into furniture. good food, and ransom digs the atmosphere. katie spent most of the breakfast flirting shamelessly with the toddler at the next table. then there was a girl trip to fabric depot, which if anyone has not been there... it's incredible. it's like a momunmental shrine to fabric. so huge. we were getting curtain materials for rebecca's new house. it was fun. lots of pretty stuff. and lots of furry stuff to pet.

then we had an impromptu bbq at our place with those same kids plus kenna & boy, and four of her new buddies. They were all cute, smart and funny kids. which I dig. we ended the evening on a discussion about Jase and the Wheeled Warriors.

good times.


K Schimmy said...

UV scares me, now it scares me even more!!! Shame on Brian and his technology. Don't worry, I share your hate for the hot, and I do blame it on home.

ninjahq said...

i regreted ending the evening both on the internet and giving jeremy a reason that it was ok to die. other than that it was a SMASHING evening. I loved that everyone got to hangout :)