Wednesday, July 26, 2006

oy veh!

What a whirlwind of a week. I had just finished all my school work, and the following occured in short order:
1. brian's sister + nephew arrived.
2. I got to see nerdygirl's new house.
3. They stayed with us for five days, during which the high temp hit 103 on our porch.
4. Our freezer decided it involved too much effort to keep everything frozen, let alone deal with making us ice.
5. We hosted a hot, muggy & large bbq.
6. We went to OMSI.
7. We saw The Princess Bride at the Kennedy School.
8. We took the sis + nephew to Powell's.
9. Brian did science experiments in our kitchen w/ Aric and colored water.
10. Sarah stayed over for her last session at her college until September.
11. One of my cousins passed away and...
12. I have a family reunion to go to this coming weekend at the beach.

here's a picture of the scientific mayhem.

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