Friday, September 01, 2006


Ok. The word is out. We're moving on the 9th. Come one, come all down to the Pants Laboratory as we move all our crap to the new invocation of the Pants Laboratory v.2. We're getting the uhaul at 9am, and are askin anyone interested in lifting heavy boxes and furniture for a day to arrive sometime around 10am. I'll be sure to have coffee in the a.m., soda and water in the p.m. available, and brian's promised a feast afterwards. It's moving! It's dirty, it's heavy and it's sucky! yay! See ya there.

ps. If I had a million dollars to waste, I'd get one of these for the Laboratory kitchen. neato. I may have to actually purchase this guy, when they get back in stock. Who doesn't need a wine decanter that looks like science gear? I mean really?

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