Thursday, September 07, 2006

So, last night I went to see Wicked: The Musical. It's based on Gregory Macguire's novel, all about the beginnings and childhood of the Wicked Witch of the West (or Elphaba, if you want to know her first name!). The book is my all-time favorite. The show was incredible. There was a giant mechanical dragon with glowing red eyes, who shook his head and waved his wings around at the top of the stage. There were cool backgrounds and costumes. The two main characters (Elphaba and Glinda) were super funny and fantastic. The songs were catchy and the pace was good. I loved it. Glinda sings a song about how she thinks being popular gets you farther than than talent or intelligence, which was hilarious. I highly recommend the show to everyone.

Also, I got through my first day of school today. I taught my first class and the world did not collapse. The kids were all tuckered by the end of the day, as the school is still a little hard to get around in due to construction... and apparently the lunch situation was not very cohesive, so a lot of them missed out on food. Poor little ferrets. My drawing class seems like a rad bunch of kids. They're very excited about drawing. The ceramics class seems a little rowdy, and not real into the clay aspect of it. There was a lot of complaining about getting hands dirty and such. I was a little nonplussed. I mean, really... it's ceramics. You're gonna get dirty, and probably end up with chapped hands in the winter. Take creative writing if you want to keep your hands clean.

I did learn a couple things today. 1) I need to speak up, and give a warning that I'm gonna start giving instructions. 2) I need to ask more questions from my lead teacher, and perhaps prep a little script for myself. If I don't know what the plan is, then it's hard for me to lead the kids. 3) I learned some things about the first day of school, first activities and what kids are expecting, too.

All in all, we did ok. I'll expect things to go a little more smoothly on Monday.

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Queen Bee said...

Wicked was fabulous, we saw it on Sunday. Both the lead actress did fabulously and I agree the songs are catchy while still being true to the spirit of the story. Definitely one of the splashiest traveling shows we have had in PDX. The sets and costuming were tres fabu.

Glad you were able to enjoy it among the crazieness of moving and starting school.