Saturday, September 16, 2006

Well, I've lived in the new house for a week and I've survived my first full week as an official student teacher. It has surely been eventful. We had fire alarms (one drill, one student pull and one real fire) the first three days of school. I've started to get to know a few students. I've seen some really great examples of teaching. I've learned how NOT to do a few things (They say you learn from mistakes, yes?). I've learned that we have a handful of really disturbed kids, and some that have horrible home lives (if you even want to call them home...). I've learned that the 'Couv has an actual gang problem, which surprised the crap outta me. I've also learned some things about presentation, discipline and negotiation.

sigh... what do you do with kids that cut on themselves, or are afraid for their lives at age 15? The challenge of being a good teacher, and I mean a mentor, a supporter and a teacher, is something that I'm going to have to continuously work at for the rest of my career. It certainly won't be boring.

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K Schimmy said...

Wow, EHS had an actual fire? I'm surprise anyone even evacuated.