Wednesday, November 15, 2006

goddamnit! I manage to get through the moving and the painting and the putting together of the house (most of it anyhow), and I manage to get through the Halloween party bustle. What did I do on Monday? I manage to really screw up my back by OPENING A FREAKING DOOR! What the crap? Why is it hellishly painful for me to drive the car, because I opened a door? I got sent home from school today because I couldn't stand up from sitting in a chair without a lot of pain and effort. foo.

I have an appointment tomorrow morning... that seems like a long ways away right now.


rebecca said...

Crappity crap. I'm sorry to hear that, and hope you feel better VERY SOON.

Like... now!

Oh. Okay, now!


How about now?


Anonymous said...

The City, county, and state of Santa Cruz (waitaminut...) wish you a swift recovery. Because that shit sucks.