Monday, November 06, 2006

So, I'm flipping through the blogs I usually check in on... and I'm reading the comments (as is my wont). I see someone (whom we shall name Flipper) post a question to the blogger (whom we shall name Dangerous), and then ask's Dangerous to leave a message on the Flipper's blog, while simultaneously mentioning that the blog is locked. What does Flipper do about that little dilema? Nothing less than POST THE NAME AND PASSWORD TO THE BLOG in Dangerous's comments!

What the crap? Why keep it locked if you're gonna hand out the password to any stranger you meet? It's like leaving a note on your front door is 300 pt type that says, "Mr. Plumber; would you please fix the sink in the back room? The key is under the mat," with flashing lights, bells and a circus ringmaster in your driveway directing traffic.


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Kungfukitten said...

Heh, I think people lock their blogs just to keep out significant others and figure they are too lazy to try to figure out backdoors to other blogs. Was that mine? I should probably delete that comment. ;)