Sunday, December 03, 2006

Ironic News? The volunteer-based fire hall in Ilwaco caught fire and burned to the ground on Thursday night last week. Since it's volunteer-run, no one stays there. So when all the fireman got there, they were coming from their workplaces and homes... and all the firefighting gear was inside the burning fire hall. Doh!
Our skipper's father (a former buddy of my dad) took a look at the burning building and decided he was gonna get his gear outta there. So, he goes tearing into the burning building, finds his gear and tosses it out the window. He decides that he might as well, while he's inside the burning building, hop into the nearest firetruck and get it outta there as well... BY CRASHING IT THROUGH THE CLOSED GARAGE DOOR!! It's like something outta Backdraft or some other crazy 90's firefighting movie. Except our hero isn't a young, dashing, muscle-strewn, strong-jawed actor. He's a 60 year old, bearded, Finnish, crab fisherman/volunteer firefighter.



Anonymous said...

Just FYI, I don't think Old Kerry is that old! They are a generation younger than Dad and I! And in surprisingly good shape for his age! He still goes up skiing every year! I'm sure he felt a duty to save that new truck!

Anonymous said...

Wow. That guy sounds like a total badass.