Thursday, December 28, 2006

Things of interest from this week:

1. Silurian soft body is a fun thing to say
2. Breezehouses are rad
3. Stan Ovshinksky is mrpants' new hero

We watched Walking with Monsters, and they were mentioning proto-jellyfish from the Silurian age (ie: soft bodies). They had some cool stuff, but I still liked the Walking with Mammals and Dinasaurs better.

Check this out. These are very neat and modern looking prefab houses that are built to be environmentally friendly. The Glidehouse can be run via solar, wind or geothermal (or a combination) and can actually be built off the grid. Pretty cool.

I bought mrpants a book about Stan and Iris Ovshinksky and their developments in hydrogen power for the holiday. He's devouring this book, and keeps telling me all about the really cool things they've done. They have developed technology that used in all current toyota hybrid cars, and all rewritable dvds and cds. neat. Also, he's completely self taught. wow!

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