Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Good news! One of my favorite kiddos, HC, is in my drawing 2 class. That's awesome. He cracks me up. He's this really laid back, Hispanic kid. He's a junior and he's just huge. He's really tall and a big, big kid. Not your first guess for an art class kiddo. He's always teasing his friends (in a good way) and crackin wise. During our first few weeks together we were discussing hunting, as he goes hunting w/ his dad and grandad pretty frequently and my dad was a pretty frequent hunter as well. He was telling me about taking his car hunting:

HC: "Yeah, me an' my dad took my car this weekend out huntin'."
me: "What season is it? What were you after?"
HC: "We were lookin for elk."
me: "Wait a minute. You took car your car on an elk hunt? Didn't you say you had an Impala?"
HC: "Yeah, we took my Impala up there."
me: "Where would you have put an elk... if you had got one? Elk are really big!"
HC: "It woulda been ok."
me: "No way. I remember seeing my dad bring one home. It wouldn't even fit in the back of his big ol' pickup."
HC: "No. It's cool. I woulda put it in the backseat...."
me: "???"
HC: "It woulda been fine, man. I woulda put a hat on him."

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