Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I'm taking a quick break before jumping into my big ol' notebook of doom-thingy that I'm turning in tomorrow to my supervisor on my pop-up lesson. It's just about done. Just a few more sentences to add, a few pictures to take and then printing and hole-punching mayhem will commence.

A quick thought about school-house fights 'tween boys. I have a jerk of a kid in one of my classes who is determined to hassle another kid. Other kid is quiet, nerdy, awkward and (man-oh-man) defensive. They've been in a fight before, when jerko broke awkward kid's nose. So, there was some hassling going on today, and I had to have the big talk to jerko. I'm wondering... he's 17, soon to be 18. (Awkward kid is younger.) Will he continue this aggression into adulthood? Once he's an adult, it will be considered assault. No ifs or buts. How will he handle that? Are we gonna see this guy in jail in a year and a half? How'd he get to be this old, and still be defiant about his attitude and laissez-faire about the end results of these issues? I don't get it. I should have asked him more questions while I had him cornered.


Sarah said...

He can be charged with assult before he is 18, but it does not happen often (unless jerko is a minority). After he turns 18 and he hits someone younger the chances of assault charges are must greater. As for your other questions, I have no idea how people get this way, but it is not cool.

K Schimmy said...

I want to shake a lot of parents really, really hard until they realize that they helped f**k up another generation. If it's all they see at home, that's all they know. Angry parents make angry kids, it's the Circle of Life (cue Disney music and gazelles).