Monday, January 29, 2007

It is time for a list.

1. I'm tired of mrpants being in Ireland. phaw!
2. Today my c.t. and I put doors (w/ locks) on the ceramics storage cubbies so we won't have the theft/destruction issues this term. mmm... powertools.
3. I'm appalled at the number of kiddos that missed the last two days of class. Perhaps I'm just used to college classes, but you don't miss finals, ever. You just don't.
4. I'm going to hear an OMSI-sponsered lecture on stem cell research tonight, in a brew pub. God, I love Portland!
5. Tomorrow is the last (thank-fucking-god) day of ceramics with the TerribleTwins. Also the last day of afternoon Draw1 kids that I enjoy (pout).

A new term is about to start. The time for an over-abundance of prep work is now.

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