Tuesday, January 16, 2007

It's snowing again. The previous snow hadn't entirely melted yet. It was still stubbornly lurking around in the shadows, corners and grassy areas. Now there's new snow. Big, fluffy, new snow... and lots of it. It's been snowing at my house for at least the past 1.5 hours. Laying it on thick.

Makes me happy. Another snow day for kids. I couldn't have gone in today anyhow, as I managed to screw up my back again. I went to the doctor yesterday, and got a 'script for muscle relaxers. They seem to help me sleep. So, I'll just stay home today, watch the snow, knit, blog and take my medicine. I'm glad I'm not missing anything at school.

And here is an extremely satisfied chihauhau in pink coat:


kungfuramone said...

Gooooooooooo muscle relaxers! Win state!

Sarah said...

Wow, more snow! None for us beach folk. I think we are the only school in the area not delayed or closed. Poop on warm ocean winds.
Sorry about your back.

Turtle Lady said...

That little guy is so cute he's ALMOST got me thinking that it's okay for animals to wear clothes.

Jesse Ransom said...

Wow... I didn't realize how much sense the words "extremely satisfied" could make. Previously, I might have thought it was a little bit like saying "spectacularly tepid". But not anymore. That little dog is really, clearly, extremely satisfied.

Also, my word verification test seems to be in Welsh. Neat!