Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The art club trip was super fun. It's always great seeing the schimmy's. They're awesome peeps. The kids were great (as expected) and the art was faboo. I really enjoyed seeing the large size b/w photos of communist china in the 40's at the seattle asian art museum, seeing the calder sculpture and the claes oldenburg piece at the newly opened seattle sculpture park was impressive. Made my heart jump around a bit. The henry gallery was... interesting. some things I really enjoyed (the sky room and the Bruce Nauman's green room, some of the b/w ink pieces, the bike chain installation), some i could give a crap about (some seemed to be streching trying to put out pop pieces and give complicated explanations for what they were doing... didn't really mesh with me.). I love visiting the emp. I just really enjoy seeing how gehry puts together a space and makes it so organic and yet still usable.

i vote yes on art club trips. solid.

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