Wednesday, February 14, 2007

no will power

I got a cookie monster valentine that accompanied a chocolate, fluffy pink cupcake today. Woot, woot for teacher treats! So MANY balloons in the school today, too.

I tried to stay at the school today after the kids left. It's easier for me to work on my psu homework in my classroom as my laptop doesn't have the oh-so-tempting internet, and the school's computer is too slow to play with. Unfortunately, the fire alarm kept going off. There's no way to stand it, it's so incredibly, ear-damaging loud. ugh. So I came home, and here I am... on the internet. (le sigh)

Looking forward to this weekend. Mrpants and I will be traveling up to Seattle with the artclub kiddos to ferry &/or shepherd them around museums, galleries and art departments (Cornish and UW). Should be fun. Some of them haven't ever traveled before, and this whole hotel-business is new and exciting. Also featuring a stop at Ikea and the Glass Museum in Tacoma for mrpants and I after the kiddos are back on the vans and headed home.

yay! art club!

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turtle lady said...

Valentines Day for teachers. No one warns you that you will get gifts. My first Vday as a teacher I ate 2 pounds of chocolate, 1/2 dozen cookies, and a spaghetti dinner. It was bad news. My advice: It's okay to throw away pounds of chocolates, cookies, and candies if you'll eat them all in one sitting. They have no nutritional value so don't worry about starving children... just indigestion.