Monday, March 05, 2007

Scattered list:
1.Today was beautiful. I opened the windows and the kattens loved it. They sat on windowsills and meowed at birds and neighbor cats and chased spiders.
2. The other night mrpants and I were driving down 39th. We sat at the light at Powell, and watched the guy closing up the Cash 'n Go (Stop 'n Rob, whatever) dancing like a dancing machine with his mop. Man, he was going crazy!
3. My teacher is taking back her classes. This means I'm down to one class per day. It's boring.
4. One of the vp's is stopping in tomorrow (at my request) to watch me and give me her feedback. I'm hoping it goes well so I can smooze a recommendation outta her.

Here are 3 round, clear things:

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