Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Ta Dah! I'm done! I just got word last night that my worksample extravaganza is accepted and will be turned into the recording office today. Woot!! There was a moment of concern yesterday when the woman emailed me saying I was missing three sections. Apparently, she was just worn out from looking through eight different projects, and missed some pages. So all is well. My last day with the kids was last Thursday. I took this great shot of some volunteers from my ceramics class. They also wrote this superfun poster with their goodbye wishes that my master teacher provided. I like the chicken drawing.

In other news, I have 1.5 weeks off from school. Now, I'll be putting together my applications and essays (3 essays for the Portland Public are required!) and attending a job fair but I'll also be getting the house back in order after the worksample explosion that went off. I'll be attempting to make sense out of my studio as well. To provide me some inspiration, I found this great website, in which creative types show off their artistic spaces. I love it.


kungfuramone said...

Congratulations, lady. Your triumph was inevitable.

K Schimmy said...

You booz you lose... I miss EHS kids.
It's all cake from now on! Way to go... yay Crystal, let's do brunch!

secret squirrel said...

Whoot, whoot! You rock! Congratualtions!