Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Whew! I'm just about done student teaching. I've got two days left. I've finished our mask project. I've got a new assignment to start (and one more observation), plus turning in my work sample... which is almost done. Then finished! Next term I'm there's no kids, which honestly bums me out a bit. I mean, its been a big long year and yes, I'm tired. But they're the fun part, with the squirreliness and ridiculous stories. foo. Next term is also the "teacher as researcher" class, which doesn't bode well for fun. I'm trying to make up for it by taking an art history class (contemporary artists) and a ceramic-wheel class. Perhaps a yoga class will be in the works. My secret squirrel friend provided me with some yoga info. So I may check them out. Weirdness of next term.... after having been up at 5am and done by 2:30pm since late August, I'll now be taking three night classes and won't have anything during the day. I may go insane with this large of a change. Although once I get my license (early May?), that would allow me to sub.

on another subject:
I met up w/ Bee and Nat last night. It was super good to see them both. Bee I haven't seen since October, when she and her man came over for dinner. Nat I hadn't seen since Bee's wedding last April. Good times.


secret squirrel said...

I wish I could check out that yoga class. The couple weren't too big of hippies. Student teaching ending is kind of sad. I usually look forward to the season ending because it is so much work, but then i miss the critters in the off season. They make me laugh.
Did Nat have her tiny bean with her?
Oh, I wouldn't be crashing at your place for about 3 weeks. Spring Break!! Well, two of the weekends are spring break. One i am just missing class for a meet.

kungfuramone said...

Getting up at 5:30am is a bunch of unmitigated crap. Your next term will rock hard, you just don't know it yet...

thetravellor said...

Beware of the dangers of sleeping late, when you don't have class or work... it can be a killer!

When do you officially graduate, anyway?

crashcourse said...

Nat did not have TheBean w/ her... not this time anyhow.

Next term will be rad.

I graduate in June.