Thursday, May 17, 2007

It's my birthday! Thanks to everyone for the adorable cards and ecards today. I had a lovely sleep-in this morning, and didn't get out of bed until 11am! This was the first night I was able to sleep in the same bed as mrpants (I had the fear of keeping him awake all night with my snifflin and snorting and general, nocturnal flailing aboot). I woke up to purry fuzzies and sunshine. I also feel better. I haven't taken any cold medicine today, and I'm less snorkely than yesterday. Woot!

I went and returned some shirts today that mrpants didn't care for, and in the process bought myself some birthday goodies. I am now the proud owner of Bodyshop's grapefruit shower gel (mmm... so citrus-y!) and a lovely book called Small Garden by John Brookes.

I also stopped by Trader Joe's and got a birthday lunch of shrimp salad (w/ miso dressing), French berry lemonade and Australian black licorice. Nummy! I bought a bouquet of flowers for meself, too. Hot pink Gerber Daisies, dark purple carnations, some lilies and some purple freesia. Very pretty. I hope the cats don't eat it.

I have a full schedule for the birthday weekend, too.
-Mt. Tabor Art Walk
-Oregon College Arts & Crafts annual pottery show
-Chinese Gardens
-Vegetarian House for dinner
-Pied Cow for dessert

I'm off to my contemporary artists class now.

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