Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Reading beetlegirl's recent post regarding wonder, I started to ponder. The last year has been an incredible rat-race of forms, beauracracy, excitement and terror. Mixed in there have been occasions of wonder and amazement. What I didn't get a lot of, was time to think about these moments and reflect on them. There was always something else immediately following that was incredibly important or time sensitive to deal with. I think that's just part of a teacher's life.

Last term I started to slow down a bit, and now I have a week with no classes nor responsibilities whatsoever. It's allowed me to finish projects that I have put off for months. I've had the chance to watch that pidgeon (Her name is Myrtle) dig in the neighbor's gutter for nesting materials. I also am able to watch TheBug watch the bluejay that was watching the pidgeon.

I have to say, having a garden really is a huge assistance in slowing down and looking and watching and waiting for those moments of amazment and wonder to happen. If it turns out that I am just subbing next year, that might be ok. It'd make time for those moments.... and I could both create and volunteer year round. That'd be cool, too.

ps. We almost have our first ripe tomato!


thetravellor said...

I agree with you about the rat race that is getting a post-graduate degree and the limits that this places on the ability to sit back and reflect. I think that's somewhat unfortunate because I think being able to reflect and consider what you're learning would likely aid in the education, but I imagine that most students don't have time for that.

ps you should take O The Red Rose Tree off your list o' desire.

crashcourse said...

I totally agree. I think it would definitely add to the educational experience. There were a few instances of my cohort leaders trying to enforce reflection time upon us... but we were really too distracted by all our requirements to focus on it.

pss. done and done.