Thursday, October 11, 2007

Taylor Mali on what teachers make

I just ran across this gentleman's work recently. He was a middles school teacher for nine years. He's now involved in the Def Poetry Slam stuff (of which, I know little).

I love this piece for emphasizing the hard work of teaching, and the importance, but skipping the triteness that so often comes with teacher appreciation.... the "children are the sweetest," the smileyfaces and shiny, red apples that you so often run into. I didn't get into teaching because I love being surrounded by 16 year olds. Sixteen year olds can be jerks. I believe its my job to help them learn how NOT to be a jerk. I'm working towards a future less jerky. Its just a bonus that a large percentage of 16 year olds are ridiculous and funny as hell.

Go Taylor. You tell 'em.


LIONO said...

I actually did a mini-applause after watching the Taylor Mali video. He was funny and I liked the delivery; sort of Henry Rollins meets Al Sharpton.

K Schimmy said...

I have seen this written out many times (the "what teachers make" list), but I have never seen the performance. SOOOO RAD! I especially like the last part, I have the impulse to do that at least once a day.

Turtle Lady said...

He is great! I hadn't heard of him until I saw him live one night when I was volunteer ushering. It reminded me of some of my best moments teaching and made me miss it.