Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Use these words to write a 10 minute story: SPAGETTI, MECHANIC, BATHTUB, PIDGEON
Flap, flap, flap...The sound of the pidgeon's wings grew louder and louder. It was obvious that the fowl was near. Only time could tell whether or not it would strike with it's toxic waste. My only cover being the bathtub to my right. I dove for the porcelien(sp?) shelter, not wanting to take any chances of the creature taking aim at me. I turned the tub upside down, and hid under it. I knew this wasn't the best spot, but it would do in a pinch. Sooner or later, the mechanic babies would come and find me, and logically come looking in the utility section of the warehouse. Babies love to get in the water, and obviously would want to come and mess with the bathtubs, sinks, and the toilets. The babies were the only real threat, their adorable looks, their little bodies, the perfect trap. If i were to be found by a pack of them, i would surely be captured, and be forced to eat spaghetti until all the carbs turned me into a fatty-fatty-two-by-four-that-can't-fit-through-the-kitched-door. A terrible fate indeed.

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Anonymous said...

You funny girl! (shoulda' been a turkey!)