Sunday, December 23, 2007

Ahh.... winter break has officially begun. I managed to finish grading everything Friday afternoon. I got all the kid-designed yearbook pages in to the publisher. I attended several staff holiday thingys. And then I went home! So exciting to sleep and sleep and sleep yesterday morning, with the realization that I could do so for several more days. I think all this sleeping will help me to finally kick this cold/sore throat thing that I've had since last Monday.

I've been wasting my time, lolling around the house the past two days. I watched Bob Hope in The Princess and the Pirate. Man, I love Bob Hope. He was such a silly guy. I also love how Bob is always addressing the audience in his movies. During the intro they had a little blurb about the heinousness of the villain, and Bob flashed on screen saying, "That's not me, folks. I play a coward. You'll see." I need to netflix On the Road to Morocco w/ him and Bing Crosby. I seem to remember one that had something to do with Sindbad the Sailor, too.

I just found several rad knitting places whilst I've been wasting away my time, in front of the fire, with my hot cocoa. Knitzi sells this fantastic little product that keeps dpn's from slipping out of your project, or stabbing through your bag or entanglement. I love it! I especially love the Scully Bones one. I also found a yarn selling website called Yarn Nerd. "Yarn Nerd uses a scientific approach to yarn dyeing, to ensure that your yarn comes out of the dye bath with rich, saturated color." Yarnnerd has an option wherein you can create your own skein of color. Pretty rad.

I really need to get crackin on the house cleaning agenda. Sis will be arriving around 10pm tonight. Then it's off to the beach. We're staying at The Inn at Harbor Village, which I remember seeing the Peninsula Players perform at when I was in elementary school. Should be nice.

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K Schimmy said...

You're gonna be in town? Cool. Too bad we're leaving for the Oregon Coast on Tuesday morning.

Have fun at the Inn, I hear it's very nice!