Thursday, December 06, 2007

Yay! I've had calls from both secret squirrel and my mom. They are fine. My mom has power, internet and cell phone back (but no land line). She has no damage AT ALL to her property. Pretty amazing. She said she was raking debris out of the street drains to keep it all clear and free during the wind. Secret squirrel said a big tree missed her house by six inches. She watched it fall. So scary. Her to-be house has some damage. The ill-fated french doors totally blew out, she lost some siding and a skylight got broken. Nothing huge, though. Secret squirrel spoke w/ moldypenny, and the word is that things are ok there, too. Sounds like the peninsula mostly just lost contact w/ the outside world, but didn't suffer as much damage as places like Astoria.

The coast is a crazy place.

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beetlegirl said...

Happy to hear friends and family are safe. We are finally having a wee bit of rain here on the central coast, but nothing so exciting and frightening as you have had up north.