Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Yesterday I got mad. I don't usually get mad. I'm not an angry person. I just had 127 things line up in a row to frustrate me. I don't like being mad. It makes me tired. I had due dates for all kids in all classes, which is a bit much. Only about half of the animation kids turned in their animations. The yearbook girls, despite having been told the due date and having it and their individual names posted on the board for the last month, still didn't understand that their crap was due yesterday. Apparently, I am not communicating properly. Also I had a cte building meeting, which went over many a thing that either I don't care about or don't understand. Are there explanations for things I don't understand? No, of course not. Also, I recently found out that one of my coworkers is telling my superiors that I don't want to do yearbook next year, which is not true. I'm not sure why this person needs to do that. I don't know if she is making assumptions, or if she's doing it on purpose for some neferious reason. I don't like to believe that of people. It all built up to be frustrating, and so I got mad. blech. In other news, I have finished a rendered animation.


thetravellor said...

I'm sorry that your kids didn't meet their deadlines & that there's rumors about your yearbook intentions for next year. I hope today is a better day! Only a few more days til the break. just repeat that mantra. :)

beetlegirl said...

um...do you need to borrow my brute squad? I know she is only one bunny, but she has powerful ninja skills and kicks.

K Schimmy said...

WHOOOO told them those lies? Is there stupid politicking about at EHS? Dude, if I could just do yearbook all day I would be happy. It combines everything I love together into a neat package that comes out at the end of the year. I hate politics, and sometimes I really can't stand my coworkers who seem more worried about their position with admins than their job as a teacher.

As for the squids not turning in their work, they're hormonal idiots that are more worried about scoring that Ipod for Xmas. It seems to go in waves, when they come back from break they will be cranky but compliant. At least I notice that pattern emerging, but I could always be proven wrong.

Oh yeah, and CTE is stupid with all its regulations and advisory meetings and SCANS skills. But it got me two jobs.