Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mmmm... fabulous 2 hour delayed start this morning. There was lots and lots of ice on the cars when I peeked out at 5:15am this morning. I checked the news and saw that I could go back to bed for another hour or two. Yay! sleepy, kitten cuddle time. Two hours makes such a big different. This is just a taste of what Term2 will look like, with a 4-5-6 period schedule instead of a 1-5-6 period schedule like I've been doing. Very exciting. There were a couple of pissed off teachers today, for whom the unreliable phone tree system didn't work. I knew I was the last name on that list, and since I leave earlier than a lot of the WA residents to get to school, I'd have to shift for myself, information-wise. I just check the news online. I was told today about a service that you can sign up for to make emergency closure alerts easier as well. You select the school district or agency you want, and they can email and/or text you regarding the current closure, as soon as the district's made the call. Neat! I'm doing that next time.

In other news... OMG! So many good things that I've found on the internets recently:

1. tesla coil madness in Oz
2. keep an eye on what your congress is up to
3. mst3k returns! kinda....
4. aunt purl: a very funny lady whose tagline is "drunk, divorced and covered in cat hair."
5. supercrafty: an online store with great stuff, run by a woman whose toddler had to have brain surgery before he was two!
6. knitpicks another great online store for knitting stuff.
and the best for last...
7. better than last year's candfied version of the Helm's Deep Battle
In which I have to include a picture and a quote:
"Just like last year, the Riders of Rohan have come to the rescue. For the sake of simplicity we made all the good guys yellow and White Gummy Bears and the Bad Guys Red, Orange, Green and Black. This is in no way any kind of remark on culturally preconceived notions of morality and how it relates to skin color. Except for Green people. They are lazy thieves."


K Schimmy said...

Grrrrr... it was so very cold here, but no ice or snow to cause a delay. Naselle had a delay, WHYYY NOT USSS?

Hope you enjoyed it. Ah, the sweetness of teaching.

Secret Squirrel said...

Delays are the best. No make-up day and plenty of sleep.
This gummy battle is amazing and the cat lady totally cracked me up.

thetravellor said...

Gtown tested out their new emergency notification system recently and texted & called everyone 4:45am that school WASN'T going to be delayed. Yeah, that made a lot of people happy. They've since changed their policy and won't be calling before 7am, unless it is closed or there is an emergency.