Friday, January 25, 2008

Term 2 has started! I'm now waking up at 8am (like it's a freakin weekend!). It's so amazing. Yesterday, I came home and I was bouncing around until 8pm... with the energy and the awake! Love it. My first class doesn't start until 11:25am.

In related news, I have a 3D-2 class now (made up of various kids from last term... and yes, JB is there.) and it's fun. I stood at the front of the room yesterday and said, "Welcome. You all passed 3D-1 by making amazing things, and now you are in... 3D-2!" and there was much hooting and hollering, wooting and applause. It was very loud. I was pleased and embarrassed.

I have a new set of 3D-1 kids, and most of them seem very pleasant. I have one really cocky, loud kid who dresses like a preppy guy from the 80's. He makes me nervous. But, I'll deal.

I had 3 girls dropped from yearbook. Two of them on my command, and one voluntarily. So, the editors were busy yesterday reassigning pages and such.

Also! Last weekend we went on our annual TheKidsWeLike(tm) trip to the coast. We went to Lincoln City and stayed at a place called "Stairs to the Sea" or somesuch nonsense. It was a delightful house, and did actually have stairs down to the beach in the front. We had an incredible view. I just can't express how amazing it was. The house had more beds than we needed and one of two showers was the shortest shower I have ever run into. It literally wouldn't get past my chest. Ha!

I uploaded all my photos to Flickr, so go check them out. We stopped by an antique mall on the way out, and did some rabble-rousing. It was fun.

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K Schimmy said...

You could be a fireman.

New semester, fresh batch of beginning students! Yay! I miss that. I have to keep the squids for the whole year. This is mostly good, but in some cases I want to sell them to the gypsies.

My word verification says "tlunz".