Monday, February 25, 2008

It's been a busy weekend. Thursday night, we went to Powell's to hear readings from "Not Quite What I Was Planning." Both nerdygirl and ransom were published in said book, and ransom got to present his memoir. It was pretty fun. The authors had everyone in the audience come up with a 6 word memoir and speak into the mike. mrpants' memoir was, "Grumpy old man, barely over 30." I had all the 3D classes do a 6 word memoir of their own the next day. The results are below.
We also went to two very fun games nights on both Friday and Saturday. There was apples2apples, rockband, pictionary, taboo and celebrities. Very fun. Sunday was more kitchen work. Soooooon, it will be done.

6 word memoirs (by kids)

Once grown, never to grow again.
Forever never ends, live life long
Racing my Honda Civic every day.
I was born a boy…word
I never thought like someone normal.
Welcome, Art, to the dark room.
Military baby, moved around, learning stage.
Boring, boring, boring, boring, boring, boring.
I like delicious tasty Asian food
Rising and setting like a sunset
Games to play, robots to build
live for you, not for them
It really isn't up to Me.
Music games movies school friends food
Once grown, now living, later dead.
Drama, work Sleep, random food muffin.
I’m in a life of HATE!!!
I wish I was playing basketball.
Can’t explain them, they explain me.
Awesome, friends, games, computer, internet, Cheese
I am an awesome dude.
My life is unique.
The cake is a lie. Desu~
Eat, sleep, play, fly, run free.
One very big long hard competition.
Dramatically loved, sad, exciting, and fun.


Secret Squirrel said...

Obsessed, regressed, impressed, repressed, digressed, obsessed.

K Schimmy said...

Someone next to me is smarter.

LIONO said...

Aging, sleepless, procrastination lists, flaming monkeys.