Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I gotta lotta stuff floatin around in my brain tonight.

Thing One: I had a meeting today with a kid, her mom, all of her teachers, a counselor and a truancy officer about the possibility of her graduating (or not) today. Pretty emotional stuff for the kid and her mom. There were lots of tears. She's an awesome kid, but hasn't (yet) seen the point of coming to school frequently enough. Now she's facing the possibility of not graduating, and has realized the error of her ways. I just wonder if she's got the hutzpah to pull it together in three months and fix things. We'll see.

Thing Two: secret squirrel's niece is very, very sick and in the hospital. I don't know what else to say about it. The kiddo is barely two weeks old. How do things like this happen?

Thing Three: mrpants has to work tonight at 1pm. TheCompany and their newest client have been attempting to launch a new product for the last month or so, with poor results. We'll see if anything actually gets accomplished tonight, besides screwing w/ people's sleep schedules.

Thing Four: I am teaching kids how to use hypervoxels tomorrow. heh. hypervoxels. I love made up words.

Thing Five: I've spent my evening drinking whiskey 'n cokes, and watching tony bourdain (thanks to my sis, who tapes his show for me, old-skool-style with vhs). I wish they would just let him talk, instead of travel-channeling the show so much. I'd also like to see the outtakes. I bet it's more interesting and funny. I very much enjoy his show, as well as his book. He's led me to reconsider going to new orleans, and think about going to ghana someday. Also, I think he's hot. Nevermind the fact that he's 20 years my senior... that means nothing. He's funny, sarcastic, tall and smart. That equals hot in my book. H - o - t - t.

Thing Six: I recently read some stuff off of Neil Gaimen's blog. He's an interesting guy, and one of my more favorite authors. I'm very excited about the new Coraline movie coming out. I love that book.

those are my thoughts for the evening.

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thetravellor said...

I think you can see the outtakes on the travel channel website. Not sure though.