Tuesday, April 22, 2008

This is a list of six Etsy things which I have put in my favorites. I will have to do this more than once, as it was hard to limit myself to six items. So much amazing stuff on Etsy. I can't recommend it highly enough. (Items are numbered starting at the top left and run clockwise.)

1. I love this bag. I adore that it has pink lining. Pink and grey are one of my favorite color combinations. I can't resist a cute & clever handmade bag.
2. These earrings feel very winter-early spring to me, especially with the extra cold days we've been having. I love how frosty and delicate they look.
3. Oh, crap! I love Alexander Calder, and this is almost a replica of his work, but small and done in glass. there's a giant one for $450... for the people who have that kind of money. I sure don't. I need to stick with the mini for $25.
4. These prints are fabulous. I love the black and white, halftones. I love that they're printed on old book pages (re-use!). Very striking.
5. I've had two of these rings so far. They're gorgeous, fun and extremely fragile. She recommends on her listing that one shouldn't wedge clay while wearing the rings. That was me. I also advise against carrying a bag of groceries. None-the-less, I love these rings, especially the koi, tigerlilies and the cherry blossoms.
6. This seller has a multitude of amazing shirts. I really like this one, as it has the scoop neck, and it's got an underwater theme. I like that she doesn't use American Apparel, because they force me to buy ridiculous sizes (I am NOT an XXXL!!), which then don't fit right anyhow. Bella does a much better job, and the material wears for a while longer, too.


Anonymous said...

a wee little wish list for your birthday coming up?
:) hint hint!

Turtle Lady said...

Damn your blog for making explore Etsy more and want to buy things! I don't need more things, but it's good to support art and small businesses. Right?

Hope your birthday was fun, sorry I missed it. But I do have a present for you!