Monday, May 12, 2008

I've got all my kids picked out for next year's yearbook staff! yay! I have three (count 'em!) boys and it's not a a load of white, cheerleader, senior, girls! yay!

I'm really hoping that I can get most of the kids to go to yearbook camp this summer. My publisher is hosting a 2 day (overnight) event in Salem. If we sell all our books, then I could afford to pay for the majority of the fees. Man, that'd be awesome. I've love to have this group bonding together and getting really excited and prepared for the next year. They would spend some of the camp putting together the cover, the theme and the endsheets. We'd be at least a month ahead of this year when school starts again in the fall.

I'm a little worried about our last 3d-2 project. We're going through a 7 chapter tutorial, and should be finishing chapter 4 on Friday. I have kids that are still on chapter 2. sigh. We don't really have any time for them to dillydally. We'll finish chapter 7 and then we'll be pretty much done w/ school.

3d-1 went well. We just finished the fish races. I'll need to upload some of the coolest videos for everyone here.

Tomorrow's the first all staff meeting of next year's yearbook kids. It should be exciting. I've got so much more figured out this year. yay!

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