Sunday, June 01, 2008

I have only five, count 'em... 5, days left to deal with seniors. I am so excited about that. As secret squirrel says, they make me want to kick them in the head. So rude!! Gagh. I can't wait. It means that JB will be gone, but apparently, he's coming back after for some English class stuff he hasn't yet completed (am I surprised? no, not really).

In other news, there is a trio of items I've been enjoying immensely recently:
1. TonyM brought me a copy of In Defense of Food last saturday. I'm pretty excited about it. I need to start stacking my summer reading. I've only got two books on the list right now. I had the first volume of the complete Sandman series on hold at the library, but forgot about it. I'll have to try that again. Although, it seems that somebody I know should have some/most of that on hand somewhere.

2. I've been drinking some coffee that nerdygirl brought back from Ethiopia lately, and man is it tasty. It's got a bright flavor to it that my other coffees certainly don't. I usually try to buy any Haitian Blue Voodoo or Thundermuck by Columbia River Roasters. I also recently received a sample of some coffee that Kelly's ex husband roasted himself. I'm anxious to try that as well.

3. Katie introduced me to Devotchka last week. I've been listening to it all week, and I love it. So good. I recommend it to everyone.

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Turtle Lady said...

Yay Devotchka! I still always want to listen to it after a month.
PS: Ethiopian tea is super good too. Very strong, yum!