Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I managed to scan a couple projects from Art Studio before returning them to the students.

Primary Goals: learn about symmetry, gradients, colored pencil technique and observation of line and detail.

Secondary Goals: thinking about self identification versus public impressions, first impressions and stereotypes.

1. Get a partner to trace your profile using the shadow of the projector.
2. Create an exactly, symmetrical opposite version of your profile.
3. Fill in the right profile with things that describe you.
4. Fill in the left with things that other people would think about you, when meeting you.
5. Fill in the background with a gradient of two or more colors.
6. Cover the entire paper with colored pencil, using the techniques shown in the demo.

1 comment:

K Schimmy said...

Great idea!!! Way to work in the gradient thing. I start my project next week dealing with gradients, but only with graphite. Sounds like art studio is going well! Woot!