Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I had the day off today, which was very nice. Got some errands taken care of, bought some sock yarn and some cable needles at Yarn Garden. I want to try to get all my yarn needs taken care of at Yarnia, but needles & tools are not really Yarnia's stock in trade. I was just plain tempted by the sock yarn.

I also went to Limbo and obtained some cumin, which we were out of, as well as some fun chili powders, some fancy salts and some dried mushrooms. Limbo is fun. I love their "Wall of Herbs!"

I watched several British gangster movies today. Bug helped me watch. He did not, however, help me knit. In fact, he sat right on top of the knitting in my lap. I forgave him, though... because he was being the cutest lap cat in the world.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it great to have holidays off! I got a lot of paper stuff done today. Felt good. Worried about the overflowing ditch and it isn't high tide until midnight!
pl--word verification atatica

thetravellor said...

hope you watched Lock, Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels. It's probably my favorite movie ever.

K Schimmy said...

Ahhh, the sweetness of having those school holidays off. It was one less day I had to use from my leave, and it just felt different... I didn't feel like I had to be as productive as I should be on a day like today.

Is the sock yarn the kind that automatically puts stripes on your socks for you? I friggin love that stuff. I started making Christmas stockings for the five of us today (Rick, me, baby, and dogs), only out of felt.

Anonymous said...

to K schimmy
The Mother book that I got you is here, maybe I'll call you tomorrow, are you in the phone book? I'm kinda' flooded so we'll see what tomorrow brings.
Mom T---word verification prortsmi ....silly, huh it made me do it again----hytaigno