Saturday, January 10, 2009

Speaking of Coraline, it's highly possible I'm developing a crush on Neil Gaiman. I was first introduced to him when I read his collaboration with Terry Pratchett, Good Omens, as a junior in high school. I've read almost all of his books since then. I just put a hold on the Graveyard Book from our dear Multnomah County Library. I've missed a couple of his children's stories (Wolves in the Walls, etc.). I haven't read any of his Sandman comics yet, but that will be remedied eventually.

I adore American Gods (especially after having been to the House on the Rock, which is a whole otherwordly experience), Anansi Boys, and his two short story collections, Fragile Things and Smoke & Mirrors. I liked Mirror Mask, and even Stardust. Although, I bet I like those two better as stories, rather than movies.

I also found this awesome video of Neil and Jonathan Coulton performing Creepy Doll, which I always get stuck in my head.

If he ever comes to Powell's. I'll just have to be there.

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Ms. Angie said...

Neil Gaiman is totally crush-worthy.