Friday, January 02, 2009

This has been the weirdest winter break. We were stuck in our house for six days, waiting for the snow to let us out. My mom and sis barely made it to Portland. Once the snow melted we spent our time in a flurry of family visiting. Saw more family than I've seen in years. Crazy.

One of our visits was out to my Grandma Lucille's house (aka: "gramma seal"). She and my mom had gotten out the old family photos albums for my sis and I. I spent a good deal of time taking blurry iphone photos of some of these. Super fun. I posted a whole, blurry pile of these to my flickr.

I present for your pleasure.... the Tompkins girls circa 1980 & 1984. Along with a photo of my great-great-grandmother, Magdalena Hartz Schmidt.


Anonymous said...

It was fun, wasn't it! We should do more of it with Grandma!
Mom--neat posting!

fuggles is a fun word verification!

Turtle Lady said...

Your great-great grandma is awesome! It is very interesting to go back and look at old family photos. My best Christmas present this year is similar. My mom made a scrap book with photos of my family during winter/Christmases past and included copies of all our Christmas letters starting in 1980. It's a little family history!