Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Well then. Today was exciting. I had possible WASL proctor subbing, but all the peoples showed up to work and I was excused (yay!). Then I met with the art lady and we collaborated on projects for my art studio class, which was a nice experience (even tho' I was dreading it a little). I taught a few classes. SB stopped by to tell me about how he "dominated" his senior presentation panel. Then I went over to the other high school and learned a few more Lightwave tricks to teach the advanced kids (They'll be sooo impressed!).

I left there about 4:30pm, yawning, and heading to the vet in NoPo to pick up thyroid pills for the Bug. Done. Paid for. Good, good. Stopped to get gas at Lombard and Interstate, as the gas light came on. After which, the car wouldn't start.

Oh, mighty Honda! Why dost thou let me down? I had such faith in the Honda. Faith which was repaid by clicking noises and automobile-esque mocking. sigh. I had to get help pushing the Honda around the corner and out of the way, and wait for some jumper cables and jump to arrive. Fortunately, mrpants is a brilliant hero-type.

Afterwhich, I promptly took mrpants out for Mexican food and margaritas. What a busy day.

Also, I've finished the first (of three) felted catbeds for chilly, complaining kittens (quite possibly the Bug complains frequently about the uncomfortable nature of the heating vents, and their plastic gridding.). He loves it, especially when it is placed over the aforementioned heating vent.


Anonymous said...

So glad you were rescued by your hero!
And had an interesting day! And it was a nice one!
Me, I happily battled blackberries, baby holly trees and salmon berries while the sun doth shine!

Secret Squirrel said...

That is the cutest bug ever! Sorry about the Honda. I HATE car troubles.

Ms. Angie said...

Cat bed! Adorable cat! Fantastic.