Wednesday, July 01, 2009

I love using Craigslist as a way to get rid of crap. I love posting things for free. We got rid of a ton of stuff last time we moved, by just leaving it on the porch and posting photos and the address of the old house. We said "Come get it. First come, first serve." It was terribly efficient.

I've been trying to get rid of our old bedroom furniture. We thought we were going to take it to a friend's garage sale last weekend, but got bogged down with stuff and didn't make it in time. So, I used Craigslist. We decided to try to make a little cash off the the furniture this time, instead of freebie-ing (not a word, I know!) everything. I need to rethink my wording next time. It's 5 days later, and I still have most of the items. One guy asked me if I took credit cards over the phone or delivered. What? Does he not understand that craigslist is like an electronic garage sale? What the h? I was baffled.

A guy came and paid me for the bed, but is having trouble rounding up a way to get it transported (Surprise! A four poster bed will not fit in the back of your Subaru.). So it sits in my hall. At this point I want to mail him a check for his stupid money and re-list it. Which I will do he doesn't show up today. The point was not to make cashmoney, but rather remove said items from the vicinity of my house.

A woman wanted to buy both dressers, but can't make it over until tomorrow.

No one wants the shelves. I think I'll put a free posting up for them. Anyone need some Ikea lack shelves in beech? They're the short ones, 3 feet-esque.

A guy wanted my black metal cart thingy, called to make sure I still had it and got my address. Then he arrived 10 minutes later, paid me and took it. That's the way it's done, people! Take notes on metal-cart-thingy-guy. He rocked.

Anyhow, I'm irritated. Next time, my ad will read: "(item) for sale. Photo included. Size is _____. Used. Price is ___. Cash only. No delivery service available. No reserving or holding items. First person to arrive with the means to remove the (item) is the new owner. No holding or reserving (item). Purchasers may arrive anytime after 10am on (date) at (my address). Post will be removed once item is no longer available."


K Schimmy said...

I would love the LACK shelves!!!! But if you want to get rid of them soon, probably can't do it. I need bookshelves in my classroom, no higher than three feet tall (to go under the whiteboard, because how dare they provide bookshelves in an art room, we don't read!!! Grrr)

How much you want?

K Schimmy said...

Oops... never mind. I failed to realize that I cannot fasten anything to the wall in my classroom. grrrrr

thetravellor said...

I had the same issue with some people when I tried to sell my desk last year, even though I said no delivery & must have own mode of transport. I finally sold it to someone in my building (but I did help him move it to the elevator).

I'm hoping I either sell the rest of my stuff to other people in my building or people read the whole ad.