Sunday, July 26, 2009

This summer is just crazy busy. I have finally turned in all of my online, snail-mail and etc. homework for my certification. I'm waiting on the receipt of the snail-mailed essay, and then I just need to take in all my fancy paperwork and have it signed off. Soon I will be certified as a CTE teacher with a residential certification that will last for the next 5 years. Whew!

In other news, our garden is finally producing! We've eaten three of our zucchinis, picked three peppers and one tomato, picked all the dragon tongue beans (and shelled half so far) and have used a ton of our herbs. Here is some proof!

Also, we had my secret squirrel friend up this week. We went and had dinner at Sweet Basil, just off Broadway... and it was phenomenal. We had a dish with prawns and asparagus, coconut vegatables, and a salmon dish. It was incredibly delicious. Also, their backdeck is delightful. it's covered with a trellis of grapeleaves that is just beautiful. While it took a while to get seated, it was well worth the wait. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Last night we had some folks over for bbq. After deliciousness, we set up a projector, a bed sheet and the wii and played some outdoor GIANT wii. It was super fun, and I will have to do it again. The Mariokart action was exceptional, as we could finally have four players who could see their karts and the road! Neat!

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