Sunday, September 13, 2009

of zombies & weddings

We went to a wedding yesterday. The ceremony was at Cistus Nursery on Sauvie Island. It's a gorgeous nursery, with tons of really interesting and beautiful plants. The day was gorgeous as well, if a little warm. We arrived at 6pm, and soon the sun started to go down, spreading that really incredible, golden color all over the trees and plants. Birds were flying in wee flocks through the brightly colored clouds and everything was impossibly pretty.

Our friends had a lovely, very personal, very original ceremony. They had been married in a courthouse officially a few months earlier, but her parents and family weren't able to get over from Germany at that time... so they had the ceremony yesterday. They had a friend do an introduction that they wrote, in a story-telling format. Then they sang their vows to each other in a song they wrote together (being they are both musicians). They invited the audience (family and friends) to repeat after them the pronouncement of husband and wife ("by the power of this community, we pronounce you..") and I thought it was very powerful and meaningful for people like us, who are non-religious and want something a little more heartfelt than the state of Oregon make a pronouncement. I very much appreciated and enjoyed how they put the ceremony together.

The original invitation was sent as a secret spy mission. We were supposed to gather intelligence on these two spies, as there were rumors in the intelligence community that they were going to be selling a mysterious vial at this location, all of this activity disguised as a wedding ("A damnably ingenious cover, we have to admit.").

Shortly after the ceremony and photo taking was completed, another event unfolded (cue dramatic music)...

Every one disbursed quickly after that. Later the guests gathered at their house, where a zombie party was held, complete with The Phenomenauts and The Punk Group playing. It was a fabulous party, and an awesome wedding reception. The bride's family all wore tshirts that said "german zombie meat" on them, which was hilarious. There were lots of fun zombie costumes, and make-up available for those who needed it. Excellent food and a fun time had by all.


kungfuramone said...

Dang, C! You look hot as a zombie!

Secret Squirrel said...

Wow. That is all I can say. Wow.