Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Blah, blech! I've been home sick for two days now. I had a heated, but sleepy, argument with myself this morning about whether I should go to work. I first instinct is to suck it up and go. Go team puritan-based, American work ethic! But then I started arguing with myself. If I am still contagious, I will get kids sick. They will miss school and de learning. It will spread, and I will possibly get it again. Also, the school has made multiple announcements trying to convince people NOT to come to school when they're sick. And, after checking a while back, I have one kazillion hours of sick time saved up, since I was terrified of taking a sick day my first two years. I also realized that all my kids were in the midst of projects. They didn't need any lectures or new info, and were just in the simple work phase of their projects. A sub wouldn't hurt anything.

So I stayed home today.

Several rounds of Nyquil later, I woke up at 1pm. I think my sore throat has finally given up the ghost. Yay! Now I'm just congested, which I can deal with more easily.

In my internetting, I have discovered several delights today. These are awesome knitting needle bags. I want the big interchangeable needle case and the large straight needle case. So pretty! So useful! So organized!

I also acquired some new fonts for my computer and deleted some I didn't want. It was thrilling and very satisfactory to delete stupid Comic Sans from my computer. I tell you, you should all try it.

I also have had time to finish up several secret xmas knitting projects. Yay! I will share photos once I have given them all out.

Ok. Back to my kleenex convention.


The fearless threader said...

Oh dear, I really like comic sans.

Anonymous said...

Smart chick, best to stay home, get better quicker and not share the bug! (Also staying warm in this cold spell) BRRR
Bug free HUGS MOM

K Schimmy said...


Wow, sounds like some very productive sick days. Yay, you.