Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Today was the staff's Christmas breakfast. Free food and coffee/juice available to any staff who wanted, before school and during 1st period.

I was reading Crazy Aunt Purl's blog today, and was reminded of how different this workplace holiday celebration is from my old company's bacchanal. This year there was pleasant coffee and treats, a fake fireplace and fake tree in a classroom, holiday colored paper decor and xmas tchotchkes all around.

Those of you who have heard about The Company will know this is a far different story from holiday parties past. At the very least, the school celebration starts in the early morning instead of ending then. Also, I suppose it goes without saying that there's no booze and strippers at school at 7am, right?

Winter Break in two days (not that I'm counting down...)!


K Schimmy said...

I guess EHS has changed since I was there... no more strippers? Lay-hay-hay-hame.

Beetlegirl said...

Although the "kids" I work with are a few years older than yours, I am nearly giddy and bouncing in my seat at the thought that I don't have to deal with any twenty year olds for the next two weeks.