Thursday, April 20, 2006

Middle School?

7th graders are mad, squirrely, little beasties!

Questions I heard today:

"Are cat's eyes bigger than dogs'?"
"what's bisexual mean?"
"what do you mean, that glaze will change color?"
"but I don't want my mouth to be that big. How do I make it smaller?"
"You look 25. How old are you?"
"how do i draw a burning tree?"
"what color is a shark's belly?"
"can i change my ipod into a coffin?"

...and after the firedrill

"does this mean there was a car bomb?"
"what would happen if someone threw a grenade on top of the school?"
"can i talk about chickens?"
"can we sing?"
"how do i get the sword blade to go through it's head? wait! the sword won't stick!"

... and my favorite conversation today:

student: "name something random."
me: "rhutabega"
student: "i don't know how to draw that. name something else."
me: "cupcake"
student: "ohhh... that's good!"


K Schimmy said...

Oh, the stories we tell when we hang out with SQUIRRELY LITTLE BEASTIES!!! I am having flashbacks to my middle school observations two years ago.

Keep it up, I love reading this stuff!!!

Kungfukitten said...

Random cupcakes are the best!

rebecca said...

I ate a cupcake today. It was yummy.

Katie said...

I went to Pix last night... ha!

Homie Bear said...

An iPod into a coffin?????