Monday, May 29, 2006

The End of a Glorious Weekend

Most of my favorite kids showed up on Sat night for some yummy food (potluck style), some beer, some conversation, and some giant projected video games. A lovely bday celebration, overall. We ended the night on this note.

The rest of the weekend has been spectacularly lazy. I caught up on my magazine reading (man, I love the Smithsonian) and my crafster info updates. We watched an insane video on Alexander Calder that I'll be showing to some of the 8th graders on Tuesday (He plays with a tiny wire circus he built and roars like a lion durin the lion tamer part). It's really hilarious, unfortunately, he speaks in really terrible French a lot during the film. Calder is usually unintelligable, but his French is even worse. Wish me luck with this!

Today, I'm back to the homework. I have some handouts to create and some webquests to build. If I finish all that in time, I'm gonna work on finishing my papaya oil pastel and possibly do some glass stuff. We'll see how far I get. Oh, and I want to try to finish my knitted phone cozy. Although, now I want to get some felt and make a Domokun cozy for my phone or camera or ipod.

Also, I've been placed at Evergreen HS for next fall with the fabulous Laura Shea. Yay!!!! And my sister called from the airport in Boston, as she was getting ready to fly off to Europe for the summer. She's gonna be attending Oxford over the summer term and traveling aboot being fabulous. She's even set up a blog for all us stay at homes. We'll see how often she updates it.

lucky duck.


Anonymous said...

Things I was included "sad" and "bummed" that I couldn't come on Saturday. I'm glad that you guys all rocked the crap out.

Also: you know French? Qui sait?!


Anonymous said...

I love that you let me in on your blog! I miss hearing about your adventures!


crashcourse said...

chris: alas I do not speak French... but, if even I can tell it's that his pronunciations are horrid... it's gotta be pretty bad.

we missed you guys. when are you free to hang?

Anonymous said...

Crystal, how do I send a personal email to you now?